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This book brings together, in one volume, a review of the research on discrimination based on race, age, sexual orientation, gender, physical appearance, disability, and personality. In addition, it explores the multilevel antecedents and potential bases for a general model of discrimination in the workplace. While social psychological research and theory have provided invaluable insights, an understanding of discrimination in the workplace and solutions will require incorporating factors at the organizational level in addition to factors at the individual and group levels.

Although a definitive model is not reached, the aim of this text is to facilitate future research and theory. Excerpt Many of the contributors to this book participated in a conference on workplace discrimination held at Rice University in May Read preview Overview. By Stock, Wendy A. Slonaker, William M. Coleman, Joseph W. Mencken, H. The Columbia Encyclopedia, 6th ed. Materials and Methods Participants Participants were recruited as part of a larger study through a National Science Foundation ADVANCE Grant Initiative via targeted email solicitations and online via social media participation requests targeting early career academics.

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Measures Interpersonal Discrimination Interpersonal discrimination was measured with Cortina et al. Supervisor Support Supervisor support was measured using eight items adapted from the Job Content Questionnaire Karasek et al. Stress Stress was measured using Cohen et al. Organizational Citizenship Behaviors Participants rated their perceived levels of organizational citizenship behaviors on a item measure by Organ Table 1 Descriptive statistics and correlations for raw study measures.

Alphas are on the diagonal in italics. Discussion The present study extends important research examining the effects of interpersonal discrimination on physical and psychological well-being and performance e. Conclusion Understanding the negative impact of interpersonal discrimination on the health and productivity of workers adds additional support to the need to mitigate and eliminate discrimination in all forms.

Author Contributions KO: collected data, assisted with statistical models, and co-wrote the paper; SM: ran statistical models and co-wrote the paper; MH: assisted in data collection, edited the paper, oversaw the project, and contributed financial backing; JR: contributed financial backing and oversaw the writing of the paper.

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Conflict of Interest Statement The authors declare that the research was conducted in the absence of any commercial or financial relationships that could be construed as a potential conflict of interest. References Aguinis H. Scholarly impact: a pluralist conceptualization. Scholarly impact revisited. The origins and legacy of the civil rights act of Tit for tat? The spiraling effect of incivility in the workplace.

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Discrimination at Work: The Psychological and Organizational Bases

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InterActions 6 1— Experiencing incivility in organizations: the buffering effects of emotional and organizational support. Some basic issues related to contextual performance and organizational citizenship behavior in human resource management.

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Resource Manag. Outcomes of exposure to workplace bullying: a meta-analytic review. Work Stress 26 — Civility, respect, engagement in the workforce CREW : nationwide organization development intervention at Veterans Health Administration.

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Perceived discrimination and health: a meta-analytic review. Does perceived discrimination affect health? Scholarly influence in the field of management: a bibliometric analysis of the determinants of university and author impact in the management literature in the past quarter century. Once, twice, or three times as harmful? Ethnic harassment, gender harassment, and generalized workplace harassment. A mixed methods study of gender, STEM department climate, and workplace outcomes.

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