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The SBS Foundation supports Australian charities and community organisations by providing advertising time on television to promote their activities. In order to be considered organisations need to clearly demonstrate an alignment with the SBS Charter and purpose. The SBS Foundation also supported the following organisations during the partnership period:. SBS Media sells advertising and sponsorship opportunities across SBS television, terrestrial radio, digital radio and online platforms, with in-language production providing a range of services, including video production, typesetting and translation services.

SBS Distribution delivers consumer products, services and content that align with SBS content and activities to increase audience reach, deepen engagement and extend the SBS brand.

This included the A-League, Tour de France and Eurovision which continued to attract key sponsors and advertisers. Television revenues remained relatively stable, compared to excluding World Cup revenues. Digital revenues grew 32 per cent, against excluding World Cup. Over movie titles became available, with the additional content viewable on all 22 platforms featuring SBS On Demand. This was largely driven by a surge in digital sales and new video on demand content distribution deals.

SBS International Program Sales grew revenues by 10 per cent due to significant sales to new and emerging digital platforms. In early , SBS and Pacific Magazines announced the joint decision to cease publication of Feast magazine with the last edition published in March This accreditation provides assurance to SBS clients that all aspects of service are conducted within the guidelines of the Quality Management System.

The ISO accreditation is independently audited on an annual basis, ensuring that quality standards are maintained throughout the year. Radio sales and in-language produced over radio translations and commercials in more than 20 languages; re-voiced video pieces and subtitled across more than 20 different languages.

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The SBS Ombudsman received contacts during Of these, were assessed as code complaints and were investigated by the SBS Ombudsman. The remaining were assessed as general complaints and actioned either by response or by referral to the relevant SBS division, or both. Many general complaints require a response from the Office of the SBS Ombudsman which sent 71 such responses this year. Almost all complaints were received electronically either by email or by online complaint form.

Types of Code Complaints The inset graph shows the Codes of Practice issues raised in code complaints during The most commonly raised code issue was diversity of views and perspectives, with a total of complaints received about this issue. There were 68 complaints about classification of programs. There were 38 complaints about news and current affairs content, and most of these 23 related to the accuracy, impartiality and balance provisions of the code, while 14 complaints concerned distressing news and current affairs coverage.

One complaint related to overseas news programming. There were 18 complaints about prejudice, racism and discrimination, and a number of other code issues were raised occasionally in complaints: privacy 3 , religions 2 , and advertising and sponsorship 1. Findings During investigations into code complaints were completed.

The SBS Ombudsman upheld 11 complaints and dismissed complaints. One complaint was suspended by mutual consent. SBS has 60 days to investigate complaints, hence the number received in a year does not equal the number of findings in a year. Activity on any one complaint may span two financial years.

SBS reports the activity that happens in a particular year, complaints received during the year and investigations completed during the year. SBS generated Major investing and financing activities SBS actively manages its finances. This involves preparation of estimates for appropriation and equity injection funding taking into account movements in the inflation parameter applicable to SBS.

Cash holdings are monitored throughout the year and where funds are not immediately required for operational activities, investments are made. All investments have been made in accordance with the investing requirements of the Special Broadcasting Service Act and the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act The loan was paid off in July Level of overhead SBS regularly conducts benchmarking exercises to ensure it is meeting or exceeding industry standards in regard to expenditure on corporate overheads.

In This reflects the concerted effort by SBS to improve efficiencies in this area to deliver more funds to content creation. Of total funding from commercial revenue and government appropriation, 49 per cent went towards local and imported content in , an increase on 47 per cent in The company was formed in order to obtain a category 3 digital radio multiplex transmitter licence as provided for by section E of the Radiocommunications Act Related entity transactions SBS has procedures in place to identify and report on any related party transactions.

The Audit and Risk Sub-Committee also considered and gave direction on a wide range of issues including approval of the annual internal audit program, investment and financing activities, risk management framework and strategy, and financial statements audit. No meetings were held during The Sub-Committee met once during Statement of Governance SBS business practices are governed by clear delegations of authority; project program management; policies for statutory compliance; codes of conduct and ethics; review processes; budget information linked to all planning processes; and regular monitoring and reporting to the SBS Board and its sub-committees.

Good corporate governance at SBS is also based on an acceptance by all staff that the highest standards of integrity and ethical behaviour are expected of them, as well as transparency and consistency in all their actions.

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Updates occur throughout the year. A BCP maintenance plan is in place to ensure that it is tested and updated periodically to ensure full business recovery in the event of a full or partial loss to the SBS premises. SBS also has a Disaster Recovery Plan and a Disaster Recovery site located offsite, to enable continued operations in the event of a disaster impacting on its broadcasting capability from its Sydney headquarters.

During the year, SBS participated in a benchmarking study conducted by Comcover an agency of the Department of Finance on Risk Management Practices and achieved an excellent overall performance rating. In all cases, the results were satisfactory. A number of spent transitional provisions were repealed. The requirement to advertise Board vacancies in newspapers was repealed and replaced with the requirement to publish advertisements on the Department of Communications website and in one or more other forms.

Work Health and Safety Act WHS Act SBS is committed to fostering a positive safety culture and to doing all possible to ensure the health and safety of all employees, contractors, and members of the public who may be affected by our work. The SMS provides a comprehensive safety management framework that ensures legislative compliance and delivers consistency across the business. There were no notifiable incidents to Comcare and there were no investigations carried out by Comcare.

SBS also offers a range of Health and Wellbeing initiatives to its employees, such as the Employee Assistance Program, subsidised gym memberships, yoga, health checks and onsite physiotherapy. Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act SBS seeks to mitigate the adverse environmental impacts of its business activities through a number of sustainability initiatives including recycling waste, energy efficiency and water conservation measures and the purchase of products made from recycled materials.

Energy efficient lighting systems were installed throughout the Sydney building corridors and fire tunnels. The lighting systems are fitted with movement sensors and programmed to supply the appropriate light levels required. It is anticipated that the new lights will save approximately 32, kWh of electricity per year. The installation and commissioning of a mixed mode free cooling air conditioning system and aisle separation has provided approximately 3, hours of free cooling for the year.

This has seen more efficient use of cooling energy, particularly in our equipment-intensive rooms, and reduced our annual power costs. A new energy efficient chiller was installed in April Preliminary evidence suggests power savings of 50 per cent over the previous chillers, particularly at low to medium load profiles. The audit will provide SBS an understanding of the energy performance of its Sydney facility, reduce the energy supply risk to its operations and potentially minimise the need for additional power to be made available to the site.

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This audit will also provide the opportunity for a more responsive energy management system for SBS as well as identifying areas that could generate energy savings certificates under the Energy Saving Scheme ESS. In the general office recycling program recycled a total of Approximately 82 per cent of all waste generated by SBS was recovered, diverted from landfill or re-used. In addition 1, kilograms of steel and 1, kilograms of e-waste was recycled and separate programs to recycle toner cartridges, mobile phones and phone batteries, redundant electrical and data cabling, fluorescent lighting tubes and building waste generated through building refurbishment work continued.

Sustainability SBS continues to purchase recycled paper for printing, photocopying, hand towels and toilet paper and continues to purchase products made from recycled materials for pin boards, acoustic panelling and furniture. Balance carried forward from previous period 27, 27, 60, 48, , , , , Closing balance attributable to Australian Government 28, 27, 60, 60, , , , , The return of this amount was made in line with Government policy to fund only amounts required for the conversion to digital transmission.

The leases are renewable. Options to extend leased terms are available at discounted prices. It is a not-for-profit entity. The financial statements are general purpose financial statements and are required by section 42 of the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act The financial statements have been prepared on an accrual basis and in accordance with the historical cost convention, except for certain assets and liabilities at fair value. Except where stated, no allowance is made for the effect of changing prices on the results or the financial position. Where applicable, comparative figures are restated to reflect the current year presentation of the financial statements.

Unless an alternative treatment is specifically required by an accounting standard or the FRR, assets and liabilities are recognised in the Statement of Financial Position when and only when it is probable that future economic benefits will flow to the Corporation or a future sacrifice. However, assets and liabilities arising under executory contracts are not recognised unless required by an accounting standard. Liabilities and assets that are unrecognised are reported in the Schedule of Commitments or the Contingencies note.

Unless alternative treatment is specifically required by an accounting standard, income and expenses are recognised in the Statement of Comprehensive Income, when and only when the flow, consumption or loss of economic benefits has occurred and can be reliably measured. The effect of all transactions within the economic entities and inter-entity balances are eliminated in full. The excess of purchase consideration for the acquisition of controlled entities or businesses over the fair value of their net identifiable assets on acquisition is recognised as goodwill - see Note 8 d.

This is done on the basis that the assets and liabilities are being moved from one part of the Corporation to another. In the process of applying the accounting policies listed in this note, the Corporation has made the following judgements that have the most significant impact on the amounts recorded in the financial statements:.

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No accounting assumptions or estimates have been identified that have a significant risk of causing a material adjustment to the carrying amounts of assets and liabilities within the next reporting period. No accounting standard has been adopted earlier than the application date as stated in the standard. Nature of change in accounting policy, transitional provisions, and adjustment to financial statements. AASB Budgetary Reporting Requires reporting of budgetary information by not-for-profit entities within the General Government Sector however, comparative information is not required.

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In particular:. AASB 11 Joint Arrangements Defines a joint arrangement as one where two or more parties are in a contractual agreement which binds them and gives them joint control over the joint arrangement. The standard distinguishes between joint operations whereby the controlling parties have contractual rights and obligations to individual assets and liabilities and joint ventures whereby the controlling parties have rights to the net assets of the arrangement. The Corporation has reconsidered the classification of their joint arrangements based on the specific circumstances of each arrangement.

When transitional provisions apply, all changes in accounting policy are made in accordance with their respective transitional provisions. Revenue from rendering of services is recognised by reference to the stage of completion of contracts at the reporting date. The revenue is recognised when:.

The stage of completion of contracts at the reporting date is determined by reference to the proportion that costs incurred to date bear to the estimated total costs of the transaction. Receivables for goods and services, which have 30 or 45 day terms, are recognised at the nominal amounts due less any impairment allowance account.

Collectability of debts is reviewed at the end of the reporting period. Allowances are made when collectability of the debt is no longer probable. Funding received or receivable from The Department of Communications appropriated to the Department of Communications as a Corporate Commonwealth item for payment to the Corporation , is recognised as Revenue from Government by the Corporation unless they are in the nature of an equity injection or a loan.